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Reopening Information

For any questions, please get in touch via email ( or on our social media platform and we will be happy to help😊

  • For those who would like the option to temporarily freeze their memberships, please fill out the ‘Freeze Membership’ form and send to

We thank you sincerely for your continued custom.

Want to stay Fit and Active during Lockdown but not sure how?

Two of our Fitness Instructors at Comberton Sports and Arts are doing Workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own Home.

Sandra - our Yogalates Instructors, has a Facebook Group named L & S Fitness that is £15 for the month of November and gives access to all the classes - there are over 50 classes posted! 

Tara is one of our Fitness Instructors that has taught classes at Comberton for over 5 years. She has a variety of different workouts avaliable online. Some of them you can even do over Zoom so you may get to see some familiar faces or you can do the workouts when they're conveient for you. If you're interested, please visit Tara's website